Students Get Your Free FICO Credit Score

You heard right. “FICO”,  “credit score” and “free”. Put ’em together. What’s that spell? Well, it’s kinda jibberish but getting your FICO credit score can definitely help you student types get a head start on the road to financial freedom. Keep reading.

Ok, here comes a bunch of useful info but in case you’re attention deprived, here’s the bottom line; know and stay on top of your credit score like it’s your GPA because – I’m sayin’ it here first – it’s more important than your GPA – and a lot easier to maintain.


It’s smart to check your credit score.

Get more deets on credit scores here. But that’s not the point of this post. Pay attention!

The good people at Sallie Mae – yes, the one’s you owe all that money to – now provide FICO credit scores, free of charge, to Sallie Mae borrowers and co-signers. This is so good because it gives you, as a new borrower, the chance to manage (or at least observe) your credit score early on, before you start wrecking it as an adult.

Remember how I said your credit score is more important than your GPA? You know, right up there a few paragraphs ago? Well, a good GPA might help land an internship or look good on your first job interview but a good credit score can will help with so much more; buying a car, renting an apartment, getting a credit card, and yes, getting a job. Since many employers are now using your credit score as criteria for hiring decisions, you’ve got more to worry about than just those inappropriate photos on social media.

Rewind to the “students get your free FICO credit score” statement. Just log in to your Sallie Mae account to view your credit score each quarter.

There’s lots to learn about credit and credit scores. But you’re busy. You’ve got finals comin’ up. Checking your FICO credit score via your Sallie Mae account every three months is a great way to keep tabs on your credit with zero effort.







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