Sample Bank Phishing Email

Below is a sample bank phishing email. Phor those of you unphamiliar with the term “phishing”, it refers to the use of email to attempt to acquire sensitive personal (often financial) information, for malicious purposes, by posing as a trustworthy entity.

Phishing has been around for a long time and is still a problem – and it is on the rise.

Learn to spot common elements of a phishing scam.

  1. A Lure: enticing email content
    • “Your tax return was incorrectly filled out”
    • “You have a refund due”
  2. A Hook: an email-based exploit
    • Email with embedded malicious content that is executed as a result of opening the email
    • Email with malicious attachments that are activated as a result of opening an attachment
    • Email with “clickable” URLs: the body of the email includes a link, which displays as a recognized, legitimate website, though the actual URL redirects the user to malicious content
  3. A Catch: a transaction conducted by an actor following a successful attempt
    • Unexplainable charges
    • Unexplainable password changes

Take a look-see at the below sample bank fishing email scam and a few telltale signs that it’s not legit.

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