Millennials Chronically Stressed About Money

Tell me your money feelings.

Tell me your money feelings.

A groundbreaking study by Bank of America and USA Today finds that many millennials are chronically stressed about money. Shut up! They had to do a study to figure this out?!

Here’s the article that uses lots of words to detail these totally unexpected findings, but this post is far superior. Just keep reading for the highlights and then you can get back to what you were doing.

    • According to some bank executive with a really long title, you millennials are worried about an unstable economy, the job market, and student loan debt. True that. Again, no study necessary. They could’ve asked me.
    • “Money stress affects many areas of the lives of millennials”, such as leisure activities, relationships, and health. Hellllo?!Welcome to adulthood. 
    • They must have brought in Dr. Phil to break down the emotions you’re feeling about money; “anxious”, “overwhelmed”, and “scared”. Ironically, many of you feel “content”.
    • “…two-thirds or 67% of millennials who worry about money feel such emotion often or sometimes”. If you need to be told that two-thirds is 67%, you SHOULD be worried about your money.
    • Some of the causes of the stress include not having enough money (duh!), overspending, “being an adult” (get over it already!), and debt.


Who’s stressing? The below chart indicates women are generally better than men when it comes to da money.

WTF fellas?

WTF fellas?

So what’s the takeaway (besides you guys needing to lay off the X-box)? Be informed. Knowledge is power. Blah, blah, blah… It may not be new advice but it works.

You can start by subscribing to this awesome blog. And there’s a TON of good financial know-how out there online, so you’ve got no excuse, slacker.

Have a nice day.




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