The Smart Green Pig is all about helping people be smart with their money. Making smart financial decisions begins with knowledge. That’s where the bespectacled swine comes in.

The Smart Green Pig is dedicated to providing honest, timely and relevant information, news, and guidance on real world financial topics that matter to real people. And it’s put into easy to understand language that makes sense; no Accountant-speak or big words here.

You will find valuable information on everyday financial topics such as credit and credit scores, saving money, budgeting, borrowing money, buying a home, bank accounts, banking technology, credit cards, managing debt, saving and paying for college, retirement savings, and more.

And because the Smart Green Pig is an honest pig, we offer full disclosure that this blog belongs to SECU, Maryland’s largest financial cooperative.

Shameless self promotion? Hardly. SECU, like most businesses, wants your business. And promoting financial well-being is one of SECU’s core values. So we’ve hired a spokespig to be the source for sound, timely and relevant financial know-how for Marylanders.

No strings attached. No hard sell. No pork.