6 Car Dealer Secrets You Need to Know

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Here are 6 car dealer secrets you need to know before you shop because car dealers are notorious for looking out for themselves. Buyers need all the help they can get.

Car Dealer Secret #1 – A car dealer “sale” is just a ploy to get you in the door and, depending on your situation, you could end up paying more during one of these events. Don’t be suckered by the colorful balloons and streamers.

Car Dealer Secret #2 – Jeez! I’m only on #2?  I’m tired. Just watch the video for the other five.



Like this post? Well there’s plenty more where this came from. If saving money is your thing, you should check out our Resources page. It’s got lots of incredibly useful info on how you can save money when buying a car. And I’m not puttin’ this all on the dealers. Lenders are also tricky dickys when it comes to auto loans.

Be an informed buyer!

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