100% Mortgage Financing: It’s Not For Everyone

Sorry to burst your bubble but I have to tell ya, 100% mortgage financing is not for everyone.

Nope, not for you if you just filed for bankruptcy, are unemployed or haven’t paid your credit card bills in a few months.

But let’s not dwell on the negative. Let’s talk about who 100% mortgage financing IS for – and it may not be what you think.

And just in case you’re not exactly sure what I’m talking about, 100% mortgage financing is when you borrow funds equal to the full purchase price of the home – thus the “100%” (most mortgage programs lend you less than the full purchase amount).

So, to qualify, you don’t have to be a gazillionaire or otherwise rollin’ in it, and you don’t have to have perfect credit or a high paying job. And you certainly don’t need a pile of cash in the bank. Heck, that’s exactly why this program exists; to help qualified borrowers who don’t have the down payment money.

What you do need is good credit, as in a FICO score of 720 or higher – which is not unreasonable. You need steady employment – also doable. What else? Check out this video to get the straight dope on whether or not 100% mortgage financing is right for you.


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